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Woodburn Creatives is a creative space with 23 studios and a large common activity space.
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Art Music Design Space

Welcome to

Woodburn Creatives

Woodburn Creatives is an affordable creative space in Sydney, located right between Central and Redfern station. This down-to-earth, quaint warehouse is a communal workspace with 23 individual studios available for rent and a large common activity space for hire.


There is a curated collection of people with mixed styles, ages, skills and experiences. We’ve made a space where you can feel inspired and supported by those around you to boost your creativity

Rent a studio

Rent a studio

If you are looking for a place to ignite your creative practice you can rent a studio here or hire short term space, anything to suit your flexible work style. Become a part of a collective and work in a community of like minded creatives. We have studios available for rent at varying sizes 33sqm to 12sqm and varying prices from $150 per week. Suitable for any level of business or personal artistry, click to see who else is in the space, next could be you!

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Event/Space Hire

Event/Space Hire

Our common space also provides a dynamic platform to share with a variety of uses from workshops to functions and performances. The space can also be transformed into a gallery for exhibitions. Hire out this space for almost anything including photo and film shoots. Hit events to see past and upcoming uses in the space!

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We're a family

We're a family

Working in this space feels right at home, a comfortable yet productive vibe. We are all open to helping each other while sharing skills and knowledge around. We have a diverse mix of people in the space and make sure that everyone has the freedom to express themselves in their work.

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