Dagmar & Camila ⋆ Woodburn Creatives
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Dagmar & Camila

Dagmar & Camila

Camila Carmody

Camila Carmody is a local, self taught ceramicist with a long history in graphic design and illustration. She creates playful pieces to evoke and celebrate the tactile joy of using hand made objects in everyday life. All pieces are thrown on the wheel or hand built using stoneware and carefully hand painted with a variety of glazes. She also creates illustrative pieces of Australian flora and fauna using stained slip and scgraffito carving methods. Camila’s pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe, made to be used and loved.

Dagmar Slobodnikova

Came to Australia from the small country in Central Europe of Slovakia in 2006 to study English, explore the land down under and it's possibilities. She entered hospitality industry when she studied patisserie course for 5 years in her hometown. Ever since Dagmar works as a pastry chef/baker and enjoying creating decadent desserts and flaky pastries in Sydney Australia as she did in Europe. Somewhere along the way Dagmar attended pottery classes and fell in love with the endless possibilities of handmade ceramics. Being a pastry chef and a ceramicist goes hand in hand as they complement each other. She intentionally creates pieces that differ from each other, you will not find two identical pieces.


October 7, 2020